Manolo Valdés

Works of art by Manolo Valdés | Etchings and silkscreens

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Here you can buy works of art by Manolo Valdés: etchings, collage, engravings and silkscreens. Acquire graphic work by Valdés now. 

Discover the world of Manolo Valdés, an artist who transcends time and trends with works that dialogue between art history and contemporary criticism. La Aurora Gallery, your space to buy works of art, invites you to explore the deep mark that Valdés has left on modern art, through his mastery in painting and sculpture. We have original graphic works for sale (prints), paintings, engravings, lithographs and serigraphs (engravings, etchings, lithographs, serigraphs) by this artist.

Artworks by Manolo Valdés

Manolo Valdés captures the essence of innovation and tradition in each of his creations. With a repertoire that encompasses classical influences and touches of modernity, his works are a testament to an artist who never stops evolving. From bold reinterpretations of the Meninas to monumental sculptures that challenge our perception of space, each work is an invitation to look beyond the visible.

Buy original works by Manolo Valdés 

Owning a work by Manolo Valdés is having in your hands a fragment of the living history of art. At Galería La Aurora, we offer an exclusive selection of Valdés's original etchings, engravings and screen prints, carefully curated for collectors and admirers who wish to invest in art with legacy and meaning. We will guide you in the selection process, ensuring authenticity and exceptional value in each acquisition. 

Innovation in the paintings of Manolo Valdés

Explore Manolo Valdés' dynamic collection of paintings, where color, shape and texture come together in a vibrant expression of creativity. This section highlights how Valdés uses the palette to tell stories, blending historical artistic references with a unique contemporary approach.

Manuel Valdés Blasco known as Manolo Valdés (Valencia, March 8, 1942) is a prominent Spanish painter residing in New York (USA). He was the introducer in Spain of a form of artistic expression that combines political and social commitment with humor and irony.

In 1957 he enrolled in the San Carlos School of Fine Arts in Valencia, where he spent two years, abandoning his studies to dedicate himself to painting.

In 1957 he enrolled in the San Carlos School of Fine Arts in Valencia, where he spent two years, abandoning his studies to dedicate himself to painting.

In 1964 he founded the artistic group Equipo Crónica together with Juan Antonio Toledo and Rafael Solbes in which he remained until Solbes' death in 1981, even though two years after the founding of the group, Toledo had abandoned it.

After the death of Rafael Solbes he continued working alone in Valencia for a few years, until in 1989 he traveled to New York where he set up his studio and continued experimenting with new forms of expression. It belongs to the Marlborough Gallery and the Freites Gallery. He also set up a studio in Madrid to create large sculptures, alternating creation in both cities.

Technique and material in Valdés' work

This section delves into Manolo Valdés' artistic process, exploring his mastery in the use of various materials and techniques. From the innovative use of collage to the experimentation with textures and volumes in his sculptures, Valdés proves to be a master of material transformation.

 How to acquire a work by Manolo Valdés

We provide a detailed guide for collectors interested in purchasing works by Manolo Valdés, covering everything from authenticity verification to conservation tips. Our goal is to make the purchasing experience as enriching as owning the work itself.


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