Ignasi AguirreLighthouseetching
Star 1
Ágatha Ruiz De La PradaStar 1Etching and aquatint
Manuel PérezForestDigital printing
Man 6
Miguel OliverMan 6Etching
Manuel PerezFacesDigital printing
No title IV-1
Ignasi AguirreNo title IV-1Etching
Manuel PerezFireDigital printing
Nocturno II
Alfonso Guerra CalleNocturno IIEtching
Manuel PerezCatdigital printing
1. Arco Iris
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada1. Arco Irisetching and aquatint
The brush
Ignasi AguirreThe brushEtching
The snail
Ignasi AguirreThe snailEtching
Manuel PerezTowerimpresión digital
Alfonso Guerra CalleRiberaEtching
Still life I-1
Ignasi AguirreStill life I-1Etching
Scissors and book
Ignasi AguirreScissors and bookEtching
10. Landscapes, 3
Esteban Linares10. Landscapes, 3Serigraphy
The manuscript
Ignasi AguirreThe manuscriptEtching / collage
Alfonso Guerra CalleFallEtching
The coffee
Alfonso Guerra CalleThe coffeeEtching
Red balls
Antonio Ballester Les VentesRed ballsSerigraphy
Agatha Ruiz de la PradaMoonetching and aquatant
Plate with a fish13
Miguel OliverPlate with a fish13Etching
Manuel BalaguerOlasAguafuerte/collage
Papiroflexia I
Ignasi AguirrePapiroflexia IEtching
Plato Con Uva 14
Miguel OliverPlato Con Uva 14Etching
Glass I
Manuel BalaguerGlass Ietching / collage
Iron I
Ignasi AguirreIron IEtching
Coffee maker
Ignasi AguirreCoffee makerEtching
Faucet I
Manuel BalaguerFaucet IEtching / collage
Galáctica I-1
Ignasi AguirreGaláctica I-1Etching
Galáctica II-1
Ignasi AguirreGaláctica II-1Etching
Miguel FructuosoPeopleSerigraphy
Galáctica III-1
Ignasi AguirreGaláctica III-1Etching
Galáctica IV-1
Ignasi AguirreGaláctica IV-1Aguafuerte
Galáctica VI-1
Ignasi AguirreGaláctica VI-1Etching
85. Obra gráfica
Esteban Linares85. Obra gráficaSerigrafía
Galáctica V-1
Ignasi AguirreGaláctica V-1Etching
Callas I
Alfonso AyusoCallas IBurin
Recuerdo De Un Viaje
Carmen PauRecuerdo De Un ViajeEtching
El Fuego I
Ignasi AguirreEl Fuego IEtching
Olea Europaea I
Nicolás de MayaOlea Europaea ISerigraphy
Amarolia I
Alfonso AyusoAmarolia IBuril
Claustro I
Alfonso AyusoClaustro IBurin
Caballo I
Ignasi AguirreCaballo IEtching
Palacio Da Pena
Carmen PauPalacio Da PenaEtching
Blue spot
Manuel BalaguerBlue spotEtching / collage
Abstraction I
Manuel BalaguerAbstraction IEtching / collage
Bullfighting V
Ignasi AguirreBullfighting VEtching
Village I
Alfonso AyusoVillage IBuril
Ubrique I
Alfonso AyusoUbrique IBurin
Toriles I
Ignasi AguirreToriles IEtching
Picando En Los Medios I
Ignasi AguirrePicando En Los Medios IEtching
Asomándose Al Balcón I-1
Ignasi AguirreAsomándose Al Balcón I-1Etching
Alfonso AyusoJanuaryBurin
February I
Alfonso AyusoFebruary IBurin
Citrus Sinensis I
Nicolás de MayaCitrus Sinensis ISerigraphy
Going in for the kill
Ignasi AguirreGoing in for the killEtching
Chorisia Spesiosa I
Nicolás de MayaChorisia Spesiosa ISerigraphy
yellow and red flower
Ignasi Aguirreyellow and red flowerEtching
Alfonso AyusoNenufarBurin
La Cite III-1
Alfonso AyusoLa Cite III-1Buril
Lorca I-1
Alfonso AyusoLorca I-1Burin
La Cite IV-1
Alfonso AyusoLa Cite IV-1Buril
Retorno de Lluvias
Alfonso AyusoRetorno de LluviasEtching / collage
Red Bosquejo
Alfonso AlbaceteRed BosquejoSerigraphy
Orange Bosquejo
Alfonso AlbaceteOrange Bosquejoserigraph
Yellow Bosquejo
Alfonso AlbaceteYellow BosquejoSerigraph
The dream of the wind 27
Kouji OchiaiThe dream of the wind 27Mixed
474. No title
Willy Ramos474. No titleSerigraphy
Ignasi AguirrePaseEtching and aquatint
Red flowers
Ignasi AguirreRed flowersEtching and aquatint
No title III
Elena del RiveroNo title IIILithography
No title IV
Elena del RiveroNo title IVAquatint
No title V
Elena del RiveroNo title VAquatint
No title VI
Elena del RiveroNo title VIAquatint
No title VII
Elena del RiveroNo title VIIAquatint
NO title VII (2)
Elena del RiveroNO title VII (2)Unique
No title
Francisco CanovasNo titleSerigrafía
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