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Discover the depth and innovation in the works of Antoni Tàpies, a pioneer of informalism and a key figure in 20th century avant-garde art. La Aurora Gallery, your space to buy art online, invites you to explore the legacy of Tàpies, whose work transcends the visual to become a deep meditation on human existence. Through his mastery of material and symbolism, Tàpies challenges us to see beyond the surface, inviting us to reflect on our own condition.


 Lithographs by Antoni Tàpies

Antoni Tàpies' lithographs are a testament to the artist's creative genius, where each stroke and texture invite a visual and sensory exploration. In these works, Tàpies combines tradition with innovation, creating pieces full of symbolism and spiritual depth. Galería La Aurora offers an exclusive selection of original Tàpies lithographs, giving collectors and admirers the opportunity to own a fragment of contemporary art history.

 Buy original works by Antoni Tápies

Acquiring an original work by Antoni Tàpies means investing in an artistic legacy of incalculable value. At Galería La Aurora, we facilitate the selection and purchasing process of these masterpieces, ensuring the authenticity and quality of each piece. From lithographs to paintings and sculptures, our Tàpies works are a window to introspection and constant dialogue with matter and spirit.

 Symbolism in the works of Antoni Tàpies

Delve into the symbolic universe of Antoni Tàpies, where each element and each texture take on a meaning that goes beyond what is apparent. This section will explore how Tàpies uses symbolism to weave visual narratives that reflect his vision of the world and his inquiry into the human condition.

Antoni Tàpies i Puig, Marquis of Tàpies (Barcelona, ​​December 13, 1923 - ibidem, February 6, 2012), was a Spanish painter, sculptor and art theorist. One of the main exponents of informalism worldwide, he is considered one of the most prominent Spanish artists of the 20th century. The work of the Catalan artist enjoys a study and conservation center at the Antoni Tàpies Foundation in Barcelona.

Self-taught, Tàpies created his own style within the avant-garde art of the 20th century, in which tradition and innovation were combined within an abstract style but full of symbolism, giving great relevance to the material substrate of the work. It is worth highlighting the marked spiritual sense given by the artist to his work, where the material support transcends its state to signify a profound analysis of the human condition.

Tàpies' work has been highly valued both nationally and internationally, being exhibited in the most prestigious museums in the world. Throughout his career he has received numerous awards and distinctions, including the Wolf Foundation Prize for the Arts (1981), the Gold Medal of the Generalitat of Catalonia (1983), the Prince of Asturias Award for Arts (1990), the UNESCO Picasso Medal (1993) and the Velázquez Prize for Plastic Arts (2003). In recognition of his artistic career, King Juan Carlos I granted him the title of Marquis of Tàpies on April 9, 2010.

Mixed technique in the art of Tàpies

Discover Antoni Tàpies' innovative use of mixed techniques, a distinctive feature of his work. In this section, we will examine how the combination of unconventional materials and traditional techniques contributes to the rich texture and complexity of his creations, making each work a unique experience.


Formes I Vernis
Antoni TàpiesFormes I Vernisetching, carborundum and varnish
Roig I negre 2
Antoni TàpiesRoig I negre 2etching, aquatint and carborundum
Antoni TápiesInformal Etching and carborundum
Cobert de Roig
Antoni TàpiesCobert de Roigetching and carborundum
Antoni TápiesFreedompaint and grease pencil on paper
Paper diary
Antoni TápiesPaper diaryEtching
Serie Negre i Roig
Antoni TàpiesSerie Negre i RoigEtching and carborundum
Esperit Catalá II
Antoni TapiesEsperit Catalá IIEtching
Forma ombrejada
Antoni TápiesForma ombrejadaEtching, aquatint and carborundum
Antoni TàpiesBedetching
Cinta Roja (U No es Ningu)
ANTONI TAPIESCinta Roja (U No es Ningu)Original etching, etching and caborundum
La Grande Grise
Antoni TápiesLa Grande GriseLithograph
Graphismes et deux croix
Antoni TapiesGraphismes et deux croixetching / arches papel
Antoni TápiesVoiléEtching
3. Glissement 1
Antoni Tàpies3. Glissement 1Etching and carborundum
Antoni TápiesPerfilEtching and Carborundum
El Dit
Antoni TápiesEl DitEtching and carborundum
Suite 63 x 90
Antoni TàpiesSuite 63 x 90polychrome lithograph
Le Tableau
Antoni TàpiesLe TableauEtching
Before the letter
Antoni TàpiesBefore the letterLithograph
Fregoli 1
Antoni TàpiesFregoli 1Lithograph
El Pa A La Barca 2
TàpiesEl Pa A La Barca 2Litograph collage
1. El Pa A La Barca 1
Antoni Tàpies1. El Pa A La Barca 1Lithograph -collage
Antoni TàpiesFregoliLitography
El Pa A La Barca 3
TàpiesEl Pa A La Barca 3Litograph- collage
Bois Des Cerfs 2
Antoni TàpiesBois Des Cerfs 2Etching
Bois Des Cerfs 4
Antoni TàpiesBois Des Cerfs 4Etching
Bois Des Cerfs 1
Antoni TàpiesBois Des Cerfs 1Litograph
Bois Des Cerfs 3
Antoni TàpiesBois Des Cerfs 3
Antoni TàpiesFlechaEtching
Nocturno Matinal 3
Antoni TàpiesNocturno Matinal 3Lithograph
3. Nocturno Matinal 2
Antoni Tàpies3. Nocturno Matinal 2Lithograph
2. Nocturno Matinal 1
Antoni Tàpies2. Nocturno Matinal 1Litograph
Berliner-Suite 1
Antoni TàpiesBerliner-Suite 1Litograph
8 Aparicions 8
Antoni Tàpies8 Aparicions 8Etching
Aparicions 5
Antoni TàpiesAparicions 5Etching
Esgriafats Damunt Negre 2
Antoni TàpiesEsgriafats Damunt Negre 2Etching
6 Aparicions 6
Tàpies6 Aparicions 6Etching
Variations Thème Musical
TàpiesVariations Thème MusicalLitograph collagraph
Antoni TàpiesVaisselleetching
3. Erinnerungen
Antoni Tàpies3. ErinnerungenLitograph
Antoni Tàpies70Carborundum aquatint etching
Antoni TàpiesCartróEtching
A. L. Exposition Tàpies 1
Antoni TàpiesA. L. Exposition Tàpies 1Lithograph
Deux Trous 1
Antoni TàpiesDeux Trous 1lithograph
2. Empreinte Barrée 1
Antoni Tàpies2. Empreinte Barrée 1Lithograph
Pied Marron
Antoni TàpiesPied MarronLitograph
41. No title
Antoni Tàpies41. No titleLitograph
Antoni TápiesRépliquerEtching
Antoni TàpiesBoutonnéEtching
Berliner-Suite 3
Antoni TàpiesBerliner-Suite 3Litography
Un Fragment De Statue
TàpiesUn Fragment De StatueEtching
Berliner-Suite 6
Antoni TàpiesBerliner-Suite 6Litography
Creu Deformada 1
Antoni TàpiesCreu Deformada 1Aquatint, resins and polychrome carborundum with relief
Minor VI
Antoni TàpiesMinor VIEtching
619.No title
Antoni Tàpies619.No titleLithograph in beige, blue, two blacks, two browns, and dun, with relief
A Damunt Vermell 1
Antoni TàpiesA Damunt Vermell 1Etching
2 Estisores-2
Antoni Tàpies2 Estisores-2Etching
Arc Bleu
ANTONI TAPIESArc BleuEtching and carborundum
Berliner-Suite 4
Antoni TàpiesBerliner-Suite 4Litograph
618. No title
Antoni Tàpies618. No titleLitograph
Claus I Ditades 1
Antoni TàpiesClaus I Ditades 1Etching
Taches Et Chiffres 1
Antoni TàpiesTaches Et Chiffres 1Litograph
Mocador LLigat
ANTONI TAPIESMocador LLigatEtching
Antoni TàpiesX-AEtching
Letra o
Antoni TápiesLetra oEtching
Als Mestres de Catalunya
ANTONI TAPIESAls Mestres de CatalunyaLitograph
Pied Et Trait Rouge
Antoni TàpiesPied Et Trait RougeEtching y carborundum
Cartel "Nocturn Matinal"
Antoni TàpiesCartel "Nocturn Matinal"Litograph
621. No title
Antoni Tàpies621. No titleLitograph
4. Le Plus Beau Cadeau
Antoni Tàpies4. Le Plus Beau CadeauEtching
Moix 1
Antoni TàpiesMoix 1litograph
Trois Gris Et Marron 1
Antoni TàpiesTrois Gris Et Marron 1Litography
Creu I Ics
TàpiesCreu I IcsEtching, aquatint y carborundum
617. No title
Antoni Tàpies617. No titleLithography
Les Quatre Croix
Antoni TàpiesLes Quatre Croixetching / arches papel
Primer Congreso Nacional de Neuropedriatria
Antonii TápiesPrimer Congreso Nacional de NeuropedriatriaEtching
Antoni TàpiesCapEtching and carborundum
Nocturno Matinal 8
Antoni TápiesNocturno Matinal 8Lithography
Antoni Tàpiestapies-grabados-obra-graficaLitografía
Relief Sable
ANTONI TAPIESRelief SableEtching
El pa a la Barca V-1
Antoni TàpiesEl pa a la Barca V-1Litograph
Antoni Tàpiesantoni-tapies-grabado-resinas-litografía
El pa a la Barca VII
Antoni TàpiesEl pa a la Barca VIILitograph
El pa a la Barca VII
Antoni TàpiesEl pa a la Barca VIILithograph
Antoni TápiesErinnerungenLithograph
Porta Marró
Antoni TápiesPorta MarróCarborundum
ANTONI TAPIESSuiteLithography
Antoni TàpiesScotchLithography
Antoni TápiesCercleetching and carborundum
Oval i blanc
Antoni TàpiesOval i blancaquatint and carborundum
Cinta negra
Antoni TàpiesCinta negraetching, aquatint and carborundum
Antoni TápiesGatEtching
Antoni TápiesFigureEtching and carborundum
Antoni TápiesFullesEtching, aquatint and carborundum
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