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El Rapto De Jezabel Por Quirón El Centauro II

Author: Pablo Picasso

Title: El Rapto De Jezabel Por Quirón El Centauro II

Year: 1962

Technique: Punta seca

Edition: 106 tests generally signed but not numbered

Number: Prueba no numerada como el conjunto de la edición y no firmada

Paper: Velin de Guarro

Plate size: 35,2 x 25 cm.

Work size: 35,2 x 25 cm.

State: Perfect

Reference: 177-138

Other data:

The book ‘Sheaf of Loveless Fables’ by Camilo José Cela is a work by the Spanish writer illustrated by Pablo Picasso in 1960, based on the painter's childhood.

It is believed that this collaboration arose on June 13, 1960 in Cannes (France) when the Malaga artist read to some friends, including the Galician writer, ten poems about his childhood in Malaga.

It consists of two volumes bound in leather with 32 illustrations and a drypoint by Pablo Picasso.

This drypoint is an original, unsigned etching, dated "20.3.62" and signed on copper, composition etched for the book "Sheaf of loveless fables".

Editions of the Son Armadans Papers, Palma de Mallorca.