Ángel Haro

Angel HaroFirmamentoserigraph
Angel HaroMonocarDigital printing / retouched oil
Un mundo
Angel HaroUn mundoMixed
Under Jazz I
Angel HaroUnder Jazz IAcrylic / oil
little circus elephant
Angel Harolittle circus elephantdigital printing / retouched oil
Angel HaroExodusdigital printing / retouched oil
Under Jazz II
Angel HaroUnder Jazz IIAcrylic / oil
Under Jazz III
Angel HaroUnder Jazz IIIAcrilico sobre lienzo
Under Jazz IV
Angel HaroUnder Jazz IVAcrylic / oil
Gagarin I
Angel HaroGagarin Idigital printing / retouched oil
41, Sin Título
Ángel Haro41, Sin TítuloSerigrafía
Gagarin II
Angel HaroGagarin IIdigital printing / retouched oil
No title 8
Ángel HaroNo title 8Acrylic / paper
Inside Rojizo
Ángel HaroInside RojizoMixta sobre papel
238. No title
Ángel Haro238. No titleSerigraph
237. No title
Angel Haro237. No titleSerigraph
The Submerged Voice
Ángel HaroThe Submerged Voiceetching
233. No title
Ángel Haro233. No titleSerigraph
230. No title
Ángel Haro230. No titleMixed
229. No title
Ángel Haro229. No titleMixed
Paula 1
Ángel HaroPaula 1serigraph
228. No title
Ángel Haro228. No titleSerigraph
Sombra V
Ángel HaroSombra VMixed / paper
La Fragua De Vulcano
Ángel HaroLa Fragua De Vulcanoetching
Jamila Chinguetti Nº 21
Angel HaroJamila Chinguetti Nº 21Mixed / paper
5. Mar Menor
Ángel Haro5. Mar MenorSerigraph
1, Sin Título
Ángel Haro1, Sin TítuloMixed/ paper
Ángel HaroPentimentoMixed
Jamila Chinguetti
Angel HaroJamila ChinguettiMixed / paper
Angel HaroExuperyMixed / paper
259. No title
Angel Haro259. No titleacrylic and graphite on paper
226. No title
Angel Haro226. No titleacrylic and graphite on paper
225. No title
Angel Haro225. No titleacrylic and graphite on paper
224. No title
Angel Haro224. No titleacrylic and graphite on paper
223. No title
Angel Haro223. No titleacrylic and graphite on paper
222. No title
Angel Haro222. No titleacrylic and graphite on paper
221. No title
Angel Haro221. No titleacrylic and graphite on paper
Black Sound I
Angel HaroBlack Sound IDigital printing
Black Sound II
Angel HaroBlack Sound IIDigital printing
Black Sound III
Angel HaroBlack Sound IIIDigital printing
Black Sound IV
Angel HaroBlack Sound IVDigital printing
Black Sound V
Angel HaroBlack Sound VDigital printing
Black Sound VI
Angel HaroBlack Sound VIDigital printing
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