Rafael Canogar

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Rafael Canogar (Toledo, 1935). He is a Spanish painter, one of the main representatives of abstract art in Spain. Disciple of Daniel Vázquez Díaz (1948-1953), in his first works he found a way to reach the avant-garde and, very soon, study abstraction in depth. Initially he used a sculptural technique: with his hands he scratched or squeezed the paste that he made vibrate on flat colored backgrounds. It was a painting in which the initial gesture comes directly from the heart. At this point Canogar embodied the best of material painting. In 1957 he founded with other artists (A. Saura, M. Millares, Luis Feito and Pablo Serrano), as well as the critic José Ayllón the Madrid group El Paso. He is influenced by Action painting. They defended, between 1957 and 1960, an informal aesthetic and the opening of Franco's Spain to the international scene. Informalism was eminently the expression of freedom, of the unrepeatable and unique, carried out with a direct and spontaneous calligraphy. Eminently intuitive and passionate works, made with the urgency that time, age and theories demanded. Informalism was for Canogar something substantial and mystical, self-affirmation and self-realization. But that radical position could not, according to Canogar, be maintained indefinitely without being "academized" and insufficient to communicate and express the tension of reality, of the new social and political consciousness that was awakening in the world. The third dimension finally gave a solution to the new work, to its second period that, from 1963, progressively returned to the reality of a complex figuration that was increasingly narrative. The incorporation of new materials allows its projection in the reality of the viewer, with an explicit reference and inescapable attempt to make that viewer participate in a collective drama. The critic Vicente Aguilera Cerní wrote about these works by Canogar "The themes do not express opinions, they reflect facts, but the facts are human dramas, they are reified images where the human, object and quantity, acquire symbolic hierarchy…."

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