Alfonso Bonifacio


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Bonifacio, whose full name is Bonifacio Alfonso Gómez Fernández (San Sebastián, June 19, 1933 - December 16, 2011) 1 was a Spanish painter and printmaker. Some know him in the art world as Bonifacio Alfonso, coming to believe that Alfonso is his last name, but in reality it is his middle name. He signed his paintings simply as Bonifacio. Born in Donostia, he was one of the most recognized current Basque masters, although he did not fit into the local tradition due to his informalist style, halfway between surrealism and abstract expressionism. Related to the abstract school of Cuenca, his art reveals influences from foreign figures such as Roberto Matta, Willem de Kooning, Pierre Alechinsky and the Cobra group. Praised by Jorge Oteiza, Bonifacio exhibited in several European countries and received various awards, such as the National Engraving Award (1993) and the Community Arts Award.

The Kiss I
Alfonso BonifacioThe Kiss IPintura sobre papel
357. No title
Alfonso Bonifacio357. No titleoil / canvas
354. No title
Alfonso Bonifacio354. No titlePintura sobre cartón
353. Sin Título
Alfonso Bonifacio353. Sin TítuloPintura sobre papel
352. NoTitle
Alfonso Bonifacio352. NoTitlePintura sobre papel
351. No Title
Alfonso Bonifaco351. No TitlePintura sobre papel
350. No title
Alfonso Bonifacio350. No titlePintura sobre papel
349. No title
Alfonso Bonifacio349. No titlePintura sobre papel
The Beautiful butte
Alfonso BonifacioThe Beautiful butteLitografía en color sobre piedra
The Beautiful Otero I
Alfonso BonifacioThe Beautiful Otero ILitografía en color sobre piedra
The Beautiful Otero
Alfonso BonifacioThe Beautiful OteroLitografía en color sobre piedra
The Beautiful Otero V
Alfonso BonifacioThe Beautiful Otero VLitografía en color sobre piedra
348. No title
Alfonso Bonifacio348. No titleLitografía en color sobre piedra
Alfonso BonifacioMemLitografía en color sobre piedra
Alfonso BonifacioMaruLithography
Alfonso BonifacioTrianaLithography
Alfonso BonifacioPotatoesLithography
347. No title
Alfonso Bonifacio347. No titleLithography
Alfonso BonifacioÁnimasLithography
Alfonso BonifacioBazarLithography
346. No title
Alfonso Bonifacio346. No titleLitography
345. No Title
Alfonso Bonifacio345. No TitleLitography
344. No title
Alfonso Bonifacio344. No titleLitography
La Beautiful Otero IV
Alfonso BonifacioLa Beautiful Otero IVLitografía en color sobre piedra
343. Sin Título
Alfonso Bonifacio343. Sin TítuloLitografía en color sobre piedra
342. No Title
Alfonso Bonifacio342. No TitleLithography
Traffic lights
Alfonso BonifacioTraffic lightsLithography
The Beautiful butte
Alfonso BonifacioThe Beautiful butteLitografía en color sobre piedra
358. No Title
Alfonso Bonifacio358. No Titledrawing on paper
356. Untitled
Alfonso Bonifacio356. UntitledDrawing on paper
355. No title
Alfonso Bonifacio355. No titleDrawing on paper
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