Hindustan Times. Viernes 27 de enero de 2012.

The Best of India Art Fair

Amitava Sanyal, Shreya Sethuraman, Hindustan Times

Foreign hands

Earlier this month Art Fag City, a well-regarded New York-based art blog, had this to say about top-selling British artist Damien Hirst's series of soft-coloured spots on white canvases: "These spots reflect nothing about how we live, see, or think. They're just some weird meme for the impossibly rich that nobody knows how to stop." But sure enough, one of those ‘spot paintings' has made its way into the Art Fair, thanks to London's White Cube Gallery. More than the painting, the work that really glitters in the usual hollow Hirst-ian fashion — ‘White Lies', a gold-coloured steel cabinet of diamond-shaped zirconia — is on the other side of the wall.

There are a few Picassos, Mirós (shown at Galería La Aurora) and Anish Kapoors (at Sakshi and Galleria Continua) to be found. But among the ‘imports', we recommend the incredibly detailed works by Wim Delvoye from Belgium (at Arndt and Torre) and Waqas Khan from Pakistan (at Lakeeren).