Gérald Cramer "Trente Ans d´Activité"

More than 350 national and international artists
Hans Hartung. Miquel Barceló. Keith Haring. Josep Guinovart. Joan Brossa. Fernand Léger. Karel Appel. Max Ernst. Frederic Amat. Frantisek Kupka. Joan Josep Tharrats. Eusebio Sempere. Jordi Teixidor. Max Papart. Wifredo Lam. José María Sicilia. Ouka Leele.
La Aurora has more than 7,000 works
for your contemplation and / or for your purchase. Where you can find lithographs, serigraphs, engravings, etchings, carborundos, woodcuts, dry points, drawings, photographs, oils, acrylics, collages, sculptures, and all kinds of artistic creations of each one of them.
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