Artista: José Gutiérrez Solana


José Gutiérrez Solana was born in Madrid in 1886 and died in the same city on June 24, 1945. This artist was a painter, engraver and writer who never separated from his brother Manuel, a singer. He had entered the Royal Academy of San Fernando at the age of fourteen. He went abroad for several years and it was in 1919 that he settled again in Madrid. His own style was difficult to classify, since it was neither academic nor favored the avant-garde, but it was associated with expressionism. His painting had a great social charge, and always covered themes in which rural Spain was present. All kinds of dark characters flood his works, the world of poverty, misery, prostitution, etc. His painting has a pastiness that will appear in most of his works. It was in the 1920s that he became better known. He worked on the engraving, especially the etching, distinguishing his thick lines. Solana greatly influenced many artists, such as the members of the El Paso group, an artistic society founded in 1957, formed by 
, Juana Francés, Manuel Millares,
, Manuel Rivera, Pablo Serrano, Antonio Suárez, Manuel Conde and José Ayllón, who were later joined by
and Manuel Viola. In his role as a writer, he left us texts like this: "Old age, diseases and the struggle for life have deformed them; some are looking at the earth, their heads are heavy, they are many years old; others are hunchbacked from birth, And one cannot explain how they have been able to live so many years; there are those so forgetful that they do not know what they have come to or where they are going; but they are all good; at this age there is no malice and they are all shy and helpful; there are some with a a very ridiculous appearance, which increases with borrowed clothes: those useless clothes, those clothes that they give them from the dead, that the family no longer wants and that only brings back sad memories, but that sometimes suits them "