Artista: Eduardo Chillida: "Aromas"



Eduardo Chillida's Book of Engravings consisting of five etchings, three woodcuts, two serigraphs with relief, along with 38 pages of text that, through graphic work, poems, reflections and philosophical quotes, both by the artist himself and by various thinkers brings us closer to the thought and work of the Basque artist through the keys that have marked his career: time, space, music, freedom, matter, light and the sea. It was edited in 2000 by the Frenchman Edouard Weiss, on the occasion of the artist's 76th anniversary. In "Aromas" the painter Chillida and the writer Chillida shake hands to discover the poet, the philosopher and the deep thinker, who tells us about that aroma that guides the artist when traveling through the uncertain path of creation . The edition consists of 160 series of the graph with the numbering; 1-120; I-IX (suite); I-IX (suite in gray Eskulan); H. C. 1-10; E. A. 1-12. It is presented in a case designed by the artist. There is an ordinary facsimile edition in size 20 x 16 cm, made by the same publisher. Paper: Eskulan white. Measures 53.5 x 42.5 cm. Printer: Hatz Workshop, San Sebastián. Edouard Weiss, Paris, 2000. Complete book for sale, individual works not available