Artista: Antonio Saura: "Serie Moi"


In 1974, the artist Antonio Saura - one of the most important Spanish artists of the 20th century - was 34 years old. ABBA won Eurovision, the groups Blondie and The Ramones were formed, a painting by Montalvo (Velázquez's disciple) was stolen from the Prado museum, which was not recovered until 28 years later, Juan Carlos de Borbón assumed the leadership of the State, Benedetti died , and Carlos Saura - filmmaker, photographer and writer -, made a series of portraits of his brother Antonio. From these photographs, Antonio Saura creates the series "Moi", in which through a deconstruction of the images, the result is a mixture of how Antonio is seen by Carlos and how Antonio sees himself. Black and white, so recurrent in his work, are the main colors of this compilation made through large-format serigraphs created two years after the photographs were taken. The act of self-portrait has sometimes been associated with narcissism, and Saura speaks of an "anti-narcissism" with these images, since it reaches such a point of plastic self-destruction that it manages to hide the realism of the photographic image behind its characteristic abstraction.