Artista: Angel Haro : The submerged voice



On August 12, 2000, in the icy waters of the Barents Sea, in the heart of the Arctic Circle, the nuclear submarine KURSK, with 118 crew members on board, suffered an explosion and sank 100 meters deep. Thus begins the tragic story of an impossible rescue. The two bathyscaphs sent to dock with the submarine's hatch fail. It is tried with a third party but there is no success. The discovery of an information note written two days later by 27-year-old Lieutenant Dimitri Kolesnikov revealed to the world that some of the KURSK crew had survived the two explosions and took refuge in the stern, waiting for a rescue that never would arrive. Inspired by this note and the vital need to launch the voice beyond our end, these images and poems have been created, as a song to the amazing instinct to tell the world in a last conscious act.