Exhibition 2008: "MARRACUENE"



Belzunce refers to the fact that it is necessary to catch those African landscapes - the concept of landscape is Western and does not correspond to what the artist finds before him - "with his eyes" and, in that possession, the work is already given - some explorers and adventurers They understood it that way from other centuries and that is why they only gave us a story from what they saw, a narrative that admitted analogies but in no way neither realities nor truths - but since it is in those landscapes to bear witness to other sensibilities, it does not have no choice but to capture what the eyes offer and try to offer it to us with the same materials of the place, those that respond to the instinctive act, to what we call a wild attitude. What it means according to other possibilities of establishing knowledge. Manolo Belzunce's works made in Marracuene are direct testimony that there is another way of expressing himself, of giving testimony to the environment, that there is another possible aesthetic experience and expression. Let's look at their work and penetrate into the background, let's see the subjects that want to be expressive there and how they are presented. A Westerner is offering us live what some aborigines have no need to rationalize but which, instead, serve them as agents and signs to develop their existence. Here we do not simply establish sociological judgments, as Baudelaire requested, in the face of the forced distancing in which we find ourselves with these other realities - as long as we do not transform them into the equivalent to ours - we ask and offer understanding, even though we perceive them with pain in the spleen ( spleen) - our deep positive or negative meaning, commitment - and we want to communicate, make others participate in our deep experiences.